Get answers to providers' most commonly asked questions.


You may have specific concerns or special situations that you have questions about. Please refer to these before contacting OptumRx®.

  • This is not my patient. I did not prescribe this medication. What should I do?

  • Can you update our fax number and/or address?

  • What should I do if, after talking to the pharmacy, the prescription has been identified as a fraudulent prescription?

  • Can you update this patient’s information? The patient has passed away.

  • How do I get prior authorization or tier cost sharing for my patient’s medication(s)?

  • What is your fax number so I can fax back my response?

  • I received a letter stating my patient has a condition (eg, CAD, RA, CHF), but he has not been diagnosed with that condition. Why are you sending this letter to me?

  • Can you update your information because this provider no longer practices at this facility?

  • What should I do if this person is no longer my patient?

  • Do I need to respond to you?

  • Do I need to change treatment?

  • Will you be contacting the patient to change therapy?

  • Are you licensed to practice medicine in my state?

  • Are you going to take responsibility for changing my patient’s therapy?

  • I disagree with your clinical recommendations and I feel that my patient should continue with his/her current medication regimen. What should I do?

  • By receiving this letter, does it mean that I will be tracked by insurance carriers and be listed as a “bad provider”? Do you track providers?