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The OptumRx Pharmacy Portal is a secure online environment designed to assist pharmacies with everyday tasks including:

  • Submit refill too soon rejection overrides for:
    • Vacation supply
    • Lost or stolen medications
    • Mail order delay
    • Long-term care admissions or discharges
    • Dose change
  • Submit claim reversals
  • Claim status and history
  • Patient eligibility 
  • Prior authorization status and history
  • Drug pricing and alternative medication options
  • MAC list information
  • Payment remittance 
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Real-Time Overrides
Save time by using our Pharmacy eServices portal to submit a real-time override request for vacation, lost or stolen medication, mail order delay, long-term care admissions and discharges, and dose changes. Click here to learn more.

Claim Reversals
Allows the pharmacy to reverse a paid claim.

Prior Authorization Status History
View status on approved, denied, and pending PAs, plus additional details such as denial reason and PA effective dates.

Patient Eligibility
View patient eligibility information, including Rx Bin, PCN, and Group information.

Drug Pricing and Alternative Medications
Search for drug pricing and alternative medication options specific to patient formulary.