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OptumRx is excited to announce OptumRx Technician University!

OptumRx Technician University is a new pharmacy technician training program designed to help understand pharmacy benefit managers and patient interaction on their pharmacy benefits.

This is a new, self-paced, video-based training for all technicians. We know that Pharmacy Technicians are vital components to our patients overall experience with their pharmacy benefit and we wanted to express our gratitude and provide some helpful tips on how to navigate pharmacy benefits. Our host, Olivia from OptumRx, will educate retail pharmacy technician topics on how to explain pharmacy benefits to our patients.

There is no cost to the technician or pharmacy to use this training program. For a preview of this new interactive training please watch the introductory video.

Click here to get started with OptumRx Technician University and access to a complete list of modules.

Click here - The 5 W's - Use our quick reference tool to find department and phone numbers for your pharmacy provider needs.