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Real time. Patient-specific. Point of care.

With PreCheck MyScript®, you can find out real-time information about available drug options, compare the exact out-of pocket costs of each drug based on the patient’s benefit plan and receive alerts when a pre-authorization is needed. The best part? This all happens while the patient is still in the exam room. This gives you a chance to discuss all medication alternatives with the patient face-to-face before your patient has left to head to the pharmacy. It saves time for you, reduces administrative costs and can help save your patients money — a move that can increase medication adherence



Read the new PCMS white paper and learn the real impact of prior authorization.

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How does it work?

PreCheck MyScript is embedded directly into your existing workflow.  When you ePrescribe a new medication, PreCheck MyScript will automatically run a trial claim so you can:

• Check current prescription coverage and price based on your patient’s benefits plan
• View therapeutically equivalent alternatives and pricing, displayed in less than 2 seconds
• See which prescriptions require Prior Authorization
• Request PA and receive results in seconds


Easy EMR integration

PreCheck My Script seamlessly integrates with the following EMR platforms:

  • Allscripts- prescription price transparency
  • AthenaHealth®- Real-Time Benefit Check
  • Cerner*
  • DrFirst®- myBenefitCheck℠
  • Epic*
  • Meditech
  • NewCropRx - NewCrop-RTBI
  • Veradigm - Veradigm TruePriceRx

*Access is dependent on the Health System

Implementations for other EMR platforms are in progress.

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decrease cost

4% improved adherence

For 3 chronic conditions: diabetes, hypercholestrerolemia
and hypertension.1

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dollar savings

nearly 20% increase

in likelihood of prescription pick-up.4

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prescription savings

$225 per prescription

savings for patients with lower-cost alternatives.3

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time savings

50-minute time savings

per patient when a PA is avoided. 2


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Optum Rx data. Measurement of PreCheck MyScript impacted scripts within the diabetes therapeutic class, the statin therapeutic class, and the hypertension therapeutic class. Savings represents a pre/post methodology, Pre period is Oct 2016 - Sept 2017 and post period Oct 2017 - Sept 2018. Population included in the measurement was continuously enrolled.

2 Third party analysis of OptumRx claims data. September 2018 - August 2019 based on 4.6 million members, >188,000 providers, and 28.2 million transactions using PreCheck MyScript.

3 OptumRx analysis of full year 2019 trial claim and production claim data. January 2019-December 2019 based on 5.2 million members, >230,000 providers and 37.8 million transactions using PreCheck MyScript.

Carson, Audrey. “In-Workflow Technology and Patient Engagement Solutions Are Helping Improve Outcomes.” CoverMyMeds, The Leader In Electronic Prior Authorization, 14 Oct. 2019,